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Bang! You bugger...Crazy Nights And One Yellow Bastard... *Contains Spoilers*

"Kuso JiJi"

Its such a lonesome night and its been so long since I posted in my LJ apart from using it as a Link Storage. So much new stuff has happend...
This guy is called "Yellow Bastard" aka "Jr.". Hes a character in a certian Graphic Novel/Movie that I am obbsesed with.


Film Noir on Acid...
A few weeks before the relise of the Motion Picture, when browsing in Music Zone, I saw that they where selling Volumes 1,3 & 5 of the Graphic Novel "Sin City". There where all new and nicly presented to help back the Motion Picture. I thought "Hmm I have heard of this Sin City, I remember in a place like the "pop shop" seeinng this statue, of a guy in an Eletric Chair, Hmmm that was Sin City." As seeing the Teaser Trailers for the Movie on the net, I thought the whole thing looked awsome, so if the movie is great, of corse the Books will be, I purchshed them for £8.97 and took it home for a Reading Session.
Hard Goodbye

I met up with a few "old friends" the day after Sin City was realised (We whent on the Saturday,last week I think -_-) Mat and Nial, Blackhurst was supposed to come be he didnt in the end. Mat was really worrying about if he would get in becuase the only time he had been into an 18 was when his Mum brought the tickets. We whent and got the tickets, easy easy no one had any trouble, so we set off into the Vue.

I looked at my ticket to find supprisingly that we where going to be in the Iwerks huge screen upstairs, I was so excited an (so called) awsome film n a huge screen, wow. So we got up there and the movie started, the first scene, with "The Salesman" and "The Coustomer" blew me straight away, from the point where TROUBLEMAKER Productions comes on the screen, I was absolutly hooked.

I would of payed good money, just to see Marv's story, but it happens that Dwieght and Hertigans storys came after...
My favourtie charecters have to be Marv,Nacy,Dwieght,Hertigan,Miho,Gail,Kevin and That Yellow Bastard. So thats like the whole cast vertiualy Heh ha ha. Anyway yeah Sin City is such a great film, Its gone straight into my Number one slot of my favourtie movies. Geniously Written, Beautifuly Directed and Amazing Effects make this a real Jem. Highly recomended to anyone who likes a story with some class.

Jac you so have to come see this with me, its Awsome!!
Poster Collection

Everything is going great really,Ive made new firends and became better friends with older ones. "Time of our Lives"...Who actaully said that, i dunno. Anyway L'Arc~en~Ciel,One Piece, Anime Mix Tape, in the Garden. Thats what im talking about. Yeah well i carnt really think anymore cos im torn between like a million tasks. Ok so thats for now, when I remember more Shizer I will Post.


I will leave you with this......
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Right so its 1:07 the next morning, my head is clear and my Parents are home....
My eBay account has been having alot of attention, in the past month. The things I have orderd are as follows:
^.^ <> Kinnikuman II - New Generation Vs Legend, Gamecube Japanese. {For Gavin}
^.^ <> Devil May Cry 3 - Double Sided T-Shit Black, American.
^.^ <> Dragonball Z Complete Collection - 40 DVD, 4 Box Set, Japanese. {For Gavin}
^.^ <> One Piece Collection - 1-206 + 7 movies,DVD Japanese. {For Gavin,that has NOT arrived yet}
^.^ <> X2 - Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)Perfect Collection, Japanese DVD. {One for me, One for Gavin}

Added up to £272.52... Also I have orderd some things of Lik-Sang, they as as follows:
^.^ <> One Piece Grand Battle! 3, GameCube™ / Japanese NTSC. {For Gavin, Because I already have ^.~}
^.^ <> Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 3 w/ Bonus, Nintendo DS™ / Japanese
^.^ <> One Piece Grand Battle! Rush, For GameCube™ / Japanese NTSC {For Gavin, but now I want -_-}

Anyway, Let me tell you about Mr.Onizuka, its a real great origainal Anime. Thats a pritty great feet to do these day with all your corperate shit that comes out, Manga Inc and all that whack.
Its about this guy in his mid 20's who applys for a Student Teaching job ina School. Why? you ask...."The Girls man, The Girls!! All those nubile young minds needed to me molded!!" Wow thats my kinda dude! This is full of Fanservice and the likes. GTO is a total badass teacher who used to be a Yankii!! The first episdoe is a whole hour long! And wow is it great, he Actauly gets some pussy at the end aswell ^.~. "Therse a name for girls like you. It starts with "B" and ends with "Ach". The DVD's have Japanese (of corse) and a great English Dubb. In the English version, Steven Jay Blum plays as Onizuka, Yes that is Spike Spiegel from "Cowboy Bebop". Mr. Blum It turns out he does alot of Game and Anime voices... Rock on.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Sledgehammer baby! Oh Yeah!!


Wow, everytime I click off Firefox I think of more things to post.
This time im going to talk about music...


Im in love with this band, I ripped and burned Gavin's copy of SMILE. L'Arcs newest album, I think. Anyway I would say it has some great song on, But I carnt say that becuase the whole damn album is awsome!! My favourite song is 'Lover Boy' heres some on the lyrics:

Sorou kokyuu kara Ima sora made yuku yo
Kowasu hodo ni cause I'm a lover boy
Yasashiku sasoidashite Kimi no oku e yukou
Subete miseyou I'm a lover boy

Don't be shy, show your love! show your love!
Don't be ignorant, show your colors! show your colors!
Don't let me know your lie, your lie!
Stay tonight till the night, next night!
I carnt stress enough, you need this Ablum this band in your lives!!!
Album ('Smile' Album Art)
Also Nat gave me a link to a site called PureVolume...Wow is it great you can search for bands from places all around the world and there differnt styles...two words....


Hahaha Awsome absolutly Awsome....I think since my last post I brought some albums, they are:
^.^ <> Gwen Stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
^.^ <> Alexisonfire - Watch Out!
^.^ <> Nas - Street's Disciple
^.^ <> "鉄拳4 Original Sound Tracks" I think I told you about...
^.^ <> Kinnikuman Soundtrack {I downloaded}
^.^ <> Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing {Borrowed of Jac to rip..^.~}

Well therse the music. Oh I forgot,I got given a few tops as prezzies today, there really cool my fave one (which im wearing now) is pink with "Pimp My Style" written on it, in the style of
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Anyway no doubt I will be back to post more soon..




I put they there becuase when im looking at the Screen and I see them.
In the lest of my eye, I can see his head coming up from the window ledge....

It really freaked me out last night, when I woke up after a Nightmare, his head appeared from the window. I actually screamed, I had one of those dreams where you wake up but you didnt....

Freaky shit, man.
*Clings to the "Ran-Over Pikachu"*
You gotta check out this


Tis tha shiz..

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